LVB’s Marathon Training Diary – week 15

Distance clocked this week: 37 miles.  4 runs. A pretty good week for me starting with my long run, a few speedier shorts ones even on tired legs and a good fast run with my friends at run club.

Long run: 22 miles. My last long run before the big day. Again the first 10 miles were pretty good and then the route started to get tougher with lots of hills which I struggled with this week. Still, it was a beautiful day and some wonderful views to keep me going.


Nutrition: Keeping it simple now I’m winding down to the marathon with soups, salads, stirfrys and pasta. Also it’s the return of the overnight oats for breakfast.

What am I listening to? No new podcasts for me this week, still loving the Happiness Project and Desert Island Discs.


Cross Training: Very little this week as it’s been a busy one but trying to fit in some toning exercises and weights at home where I’ve had time.


Lessons Learnt: My trainers have started hurting my feet as I’ve exceeded more than 400 miles since December so my lesson would be to buy new trainers before permanent damage occurs.


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