LVB’s Favourite Vegan Energy Gels and Fuel

As  you may know, I’m currently training for my 2nd marathon and I’ve therefore been experimenting with nutrition and fuelling whilst on my long runs for extra energy and that much needed boost when the going starts getting tough.  Here are some of my favourite ways to fuel up.

Clif Bloks


From the genius that brought us the amazing and vegan friendly Clif Bars, these energy chews are easy to consume on the go as they basically melt in your mouth and they taste just like sweets. I love the Strawberry flavour.

SIS Science in Sport


Probably my favourite gel as the slightly watery consistency makes them super palatable and easy on the stomach. They come in tons of flavours but my favourites are the Blackcurrant and Coffee.



I tend to go for the Salted Caramel flavour towards the end of a really long run as a final sugary boost.  Not for everyone as the consistency is rather thick but definitely for those of you with a sweet tooth (like me),



High5 energy gels are no trouble to open (very important whilst running along), also light on your stomach and surprisingly tasty. Try the Raspberry variety.

Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake


A late discovery for me but a great one.  This mint cake tastes just like the inside fondant of an After Eight. It’s perfect for when you are tired of gels and want something a little more substantial.

So those are some of my favourite products to fuel me for my longer runs but it really is a question of trying what’s right for you.

Thanks for reading.

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