LVB’s Favourite Vegan Runners

Looking for some running inspiration? Here’s 5 incredible vegan athletes with amazing achievements who are wonderful advocates for the plant based lifestyle.

Scott Jurek


Named one of the greatest runners of all time, Scott Jurek is a famed ultra runner completing 100 mile races like they’re going out of fashion. Scott’s excellent book, Eat and Run is a wonderful account of his running journey with some fantastic vegan recipes thrown in there to be sure to silence the meat loving critics.

Rich Roll


Ah the man, the legend.  If you haven’t heard of Rich Roll prepare to be educated and inspired. A former lawyer turned author, ultra runner and public speaker. Rich’s not to be missed podcast includes inspiring guests taking on topics such as wellness, health and general life advice.  You can check out Rich’s podcast here.

Morgan Mitchell


Morgan Mitchell is a sprinter who specialises in the 400 metres. She’s represented Australia on numerous occasions including at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Morgan thanks her vegan lifestyle for improving her fitness and performance.

Fiona Oakes

Fiona-OakesVegan since the age of 6, Fiona runs Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary which provides a home for life to around 400 rescued animals, both domestic and ex-farm.  Fiona holds 5 marathon course records and has finished over 50 marathons whilst proudly wearing the Vegan Runners shirt. Furthermore, Fiona is a patron of the Captive Animal Protection Society.

Carl Lewis 


Carl Lewis is an Olympic gold medal winner and applauded advocate for the vegan lifestyle and has said “My best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet.” He believes that switching to a vegan diet can lead to improved athletic performance.

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LVB’s Marathon Training Diary – week 15

Distance clocked this week: 37 miles.  4 runs. A pretty good week for me starting with my long run, a few speedier shorts ones even on tired legs and a good fast run with my friends at run club.

Long run: 22 miles. My last long run before the big day. Again the first 10 miles were pretty good and then the route started to get tougher with lots of hills which I struggled with this week. Still, it was a beautiful day and some wonderful views to keep me going.


Nutrition: Keeping it simple now I’m winding down to the marathon with soups, salads, stirfrys and pasta. Also it’s the return of the overnight oats for breakfast.

What am I listening to? No new podcasts for me this week, still loving the Happiness Project and Desert Island Discs.


Cross Training: Very little this week as it’s been a busy one but trying to fit in some toning exercises and weights at home where I’ve had time.


Lessons Learnt: My trainers have started hurting my feet as I’ve exceeded more than 400 miles since December so my lesson would be to buy new trainers before permanent damage occurs.

LVB’s Favourite Vegan Energy Gels and Fuel

As  you may know, I’m currently training for my 2nd marathon and I’ve therefore been experimenting with nutrition and fuelling whilst on my long runs for extra energy and that much needed boost when the going starts getting tough.  Here are some of my favourite ways to fuel up.

Clif Bloks


From the genius that brought us the amazing and vegan friendly Clif Bars, these energy chews are easy to consume on the go as they basically melt in your mouth and they taste just like sweets. I love the Strawberry flavour.

SIS Science in Sport


Probably my favourite gel as the slightly watery consistency makes them super palatable and easy on the stomach. They come in tons of flavours but my favourites are the Blackcurrant and Coffee.



I tend to go for the Salted Caramel flavour towards the end of a really long run as a final sugary boost.  Not for everyone as the consistency is rather thick but definitely for those of you with a sweet tooth (like me),



High5 energy gels are no trouble to open (very important whilst running along), also light on your stomach and surprisingly tasty. Try the Raspberry variety.

Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake


A late discovery for me but a great one.  This mint cake tastes just like the inside fondant of an After Eight. It’s perfect for when you are tired of gels and want something a little more substantial.

So those are some of my favourite products to fuel me for my longer runs but it really is a question of trying what’s right for you.

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LVB Marathon Training Diary – week 14


Distance clocked this week: 33 miles. 4 runs. Had some great runs with the club, getting out into the fields and off road for some beautiful views. My shorter runs on my own were tougher this week due to general tiredness.

Long run: 19 miles. A long run with my club and it was an absolutely glorious day. We took it easy and had a thoroughly lovely time. Even though I had 21 miles planned, I was happy with the 19 as the majority of it was on trails which meant that some of the terrain was quite tough. Muddy puddles included.


Nutrition: A good week for nutrition by reducing my sugar intake.


What am I listening to? Book podcasts. Back in reading mode, I’ve been listening to The Readers and the Penguin podcast. Also, excitedly working on my London Marathon playlist.

Cross Training: I added in an extra gym session this week focusing on strength exercises and really enjoyed it. Would like to add in more classes especially as tapering is imminent.


Lessons Learnt: It’s ok to be a bit more relaxed with my training schedule and not worry too much about ticking off the exact mileage as long as I’m progressing. I skipped a run the day after my long run as I listened to my body which was telling me to rest.