Vegan Mockumentary – Carnage by Simon Amstell


Set 50 years into the future, this film by Simon Amstell is a great new concept movie which takes a look at the absurdity of the cognitive dissonance experienced by the world at large. Featuring some great acting  talent and cameos, it focuses on a fictional 2067 in which meat, dairy and eggs have been outlawed.

Vegans are often accused of being preachy and self-righteous, but this film is none of those things. It takes a comedic look at the activities of the modern world’s appetite.


Footage showing the realities of the meat, dairy and egg industry, is interspersed with lighter clips taking a tongue in cheek look at the advertising industry, celebrity chefs and TV programmes perpetuating the normality of the animal eating world.

Ok, so not perfect but if it goes any way into making people stop and think, it serves a purpose to communicate with the mainstream audience.

Watch it now on the BBC iplayer

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