LVB Marathon Training Diary – week 10


Distance clocked this week: 42 miles. 6 runs. Some good runs outside of my long run this week, including some of my fastest miles on a short run and a really enjoyable Run club 7 miler.

Long run: 15.5 miles. A hard one this week but mainly mental. I based it on a route I’ve done before round the nearby country villages but adding on a few more miles. Physically I felt ok but my head just wasn’t in it for some reason. I also stopped about 7 miles in to visit these guys.


Nutrition: I’ve not tried anything new this week. Still sticking to healthy meals and trying to stay away from the sugary treats. See my post about  my favourite vegan protein bars here.


What am I listening to? I listened to a great episode of the Run to the Top podcast that featured Sports Psychologist, Evie Serventi called Train Your Brain For Success. Some great actionable tips to help with the often overlooked mental side of running.

Cross Training: A little limited this week with just a few weights and gym workouts. However, I concentrated on stretching out my hip flexors and trying to look after my tight hamstring.

img_6900Lessons Learnt : The mental side really is as important as the physical side and I need to focus on learning some techniques to help me when the going gets tough.

You can find my previous week’s training diary here.


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