LVB’s Marathon Training Diary – Week 7


Distance clocked this week: 33 miles. 4 runs. Due to next week’s long run being on a Saturday, this week is shorter so I’m happy with the amount of miles.

Long run: 14 miles. After last week’s 15.5 miles, I had on my plan to do (just the) 13 but again ended up doing a little more just due to the route that I took.  I decided to focus on my pace a little more than usual instead of my normal plod that I tend to adopt on long runs. This went well for the most part and was turning out some good times, especially to the end of my run. My route followed some main roads and then cut back onto more country lanes. But country lanes mean hills, however this time, I decided to attack them with aplomb.  I felt strong and was proud to not have to stop at all. Countryside runs also have the benefit of the locals and I saw my first lambs of the year which gave me a lift when I needed it.


Nutrition: On my long run, I tried out a new gel (High 5 – Raspberry flavour) which was actually rather tasty and consequently gave me my fasted mile straight after I had consumed it so it must have worked. Will definitely be picking up more of these ones.


As I have a super sweet tooth, it is fruitless to say that I will cut out all sweet treats so I made these refined sugar free flapjacks (pic above).

What am I listening to?  UltraRunner Podcast , as well as Marathon Talk. Inspiring stuff.

Cross Training: I had a great strength training session  with kettle bells and dumbbells and incorporated planks, squats and lunges. My Body Balance class was a nice opportunity to work on flexibility , core and stretching.  Loving it.


Lessons Learnt : Hills are not the enemy. Hopefully these are helping to make me stronger and make the lovely flat course of the London marathon seem easy peasy. Cough!

After  having to change my original charity, I will now be fundraising for KidsAid, a small charity based in Northamptonshire that provides support for children and young people who have suffered abuse, bereavement, bullying and family problems. Find out more about the charity here and if you would be so kind, please donate here:

You can find my previous week’s training diary here.

Thanks for reading.

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