Abokado : New Vegan Menu

Abokado, the health focused quick service restaurant based across London has recently launched a new vegan menu and I was lucky enough to try it out.

Firstly for breakfast, new options include:

  • Peanut Butter Bagel , £1.29
  • Peanut Butter and Banana Bagel £1.90
  • Peanut Butter free porridge top

Abokado are now offering Pip and Nut peanut butter. Try it on a bagel with banana or in porridge.  I went for the Peanut butter and banana bagel and was not disappointed.I love this peanut butter as it’s super clean, free from palm oil and very tasty.


The new vegan lunch options include:

Inari Veggie, £3.49 Eat in + £4.18 img_5619

Great for a light bite, this includes Inari, miso, avo, cucumber and rocket rolls with ginger, wasabi and soy.

Miso Avocado Wrap, £3.49 Eat in + Vat £4.19


This was incredible. Fresh Hass avocado, cucumber, edamame, baby spinach, inari and splash of homemade fresh miso dressing in a wheat bran tortilla. Highly recommended.

Clean and Green, £4.49 Eat in  + Vat £5.28img_5621

For a larger lunch, try this  combo of some of my favourite things . The sesame and ginger dressing is a triumph! Miso, avo, cucumber & rocket rolls, veggie dumplings and nari with a fresh soy, ginger and wasabi.


Verdict? Some great new options, all were complete winners, all healthy and delicious so if you have an Avokado near you, go check it out. http://abokado.com/

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Abokado : New Vegan Menu

  1. Carrie says:

    Hi, I just wanted to share news that some of the vegan options you’ve described are no longer vegan. I’ve just come back from Abokado near the walkie-talkie building. The avocado sushi with inari were no longer marked as vegan, but since I’d had them just two weeks ago I blindly purchase them only to find out that the sushi now has some kind of mayonnaise rolled into the sushi. BEWARE fellow vegan!

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