LVB’s London Marathon Training 2017 – Week 1

img_1712I got into the Ballot for the London Marathon 2017. Some of you may know that I also got into the ballot and ran the London Marathon in 2016, so why oh why have I decided to run it again, you may ask? That is a valid question. I had a tough year and was still dealing with multiple injuries so I only decided that I would definitely be running in March. Therefore, this year, I want to enjoy my training and take in the whole, dare I say it, journey. I also want to raise money for a small charity in which my funds will make a real difference.

I’ve decided to document my training up to the Marathon and here’s my first week.

img_5726Distance clocked this week: 33 miles

Long run: 10 miles – it was a bit of a chilly start (-1 I believe) but I wore enough layers to keep me toasty and even took my gloves off after about 20 minutes. I ran along the canal so the route was extremely flat and also beautiful as I’m lucky to be surrounded by fields and super cute country houses and villages as well as the local furry residents – sheep, cows and the frequent dog walker.

img_5729Nutrition: As usual with a run over 10 miles, I ate an hour before my run, choosing my normal fuel of porridge with a spoonful of nut butter and a little fruit.  Post run, I went for Tofurkey and (homemade) humous sandwich – well it was 27th December!


What am I listening to? Tough Girl Podcast

Cross Training: Pretty much nothing apart from a few press ups and sit ups here and there.

Lessons Learnt – Charge Garmin watch before going for a run.

Thanks for reading.

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