How to be a healthy vegan…Part 1

Cakes, biscuits, muffins, crisps, chips. All can be veganised. Meaning that you can definitely be an unhealthy vegan. Here’s some tips to keep on the healthy train. I’m splitting this into 2 parts as apparently I have a lot of tips. P.S. I’m not a Doctor, just in case you were wondering.

Start your day right…IMG_1224…and that means breakfast. Yes, we’ve all heard that this is the most important meal of the day and when it involves pancakes, porridge, waffles, smoothies and assorted cereals, why would you want to miss it? Apart from providing us with energy, breakfast foods are good sources of important nutrients. Research shows that if these are missed at breakfast, they are less likely to be compensated for later in the day.

Think Greens and Beans IMG_1876I try to incorporate both of these every day, be it spinach in my morning smoothies or lots of leafy green veg with my evening meal.  I also, often add beans to salads, stir frys and curries.

Have a salad every day

IMG_2875This could be your main meal for lunch or a side salad, just try to incorporate raw vegetables into your routine.  It’s important to consume raw food as often as possible to  capitalise on all of the potent vitamins and minerals that natural food contains.

Carb upIMG_1447I am here to tell you that carbs are not the enemy, my friend. Potatoes, pasta, bananas, rice are all important examples of the healthy kind of starches that our bodies crave. All types of fruit and vegetables—and beans, nuts, and whole grains—contain natural carbohydrates, so you’ll never experience a shortage of energy.

Carry healthy snacks

IMG_2703You won’t find me without snacks on hand at any given part of the day. My faves are energy bars (oh hail Natural Balance for their Cocoa chaos and Nakd bars), nuts, dates and oat cakes. Having these available will mean you’re less likely to reach for that chocolate bar or packet of crisps.

Get movingIMG_1671This goes without saying as part of a healthy routine but I really wanted to emphasise how important it is to find the right activity for you. That could be running, lifting weights, dancing, walking, anything goes, just as long as you’re moving somehow about 4-5 days per week.  See here for my post on running tips: 

Stay tuned for part 2.

Thanks for reading.

London Vegan Bird.

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