Top Vegan stories of 2016 so far

Growing numbers of Veganism in UK

vegan-1161192_960_720May 2016 saw the news that the number of vegans in the UK has risen by 350% in the past decade making the total number of plant-based peeps at over half a million– a movement driven by the young. Speculation is that the ever increasing popularity of social media apps such as Instagram is showcasing the lifestyle at its joyous best and making it more accessible than ever.

London’s First Vegan Grocery store

13962863_959516670861383_5121424329441426580_oGreen Bay is London’s First ever Vegan Grocery store. Situated in West London and created by Paula and Anderson , the store houses everything you could want in a supermarket, from produce, beans and sauces to ice-cream, cereal and beer as well as household products. Knowing that you don’t have to go through the trouble of checking every label sounds like bliss to me. 

Success of Veggie Pret A Manger

Cacao-potPret A Manger opened a veggie pop up store in central London in June and it has been such a success that it has stayed open throughout summer. It’s also great to hear that the top selling 8 new products are vegan. Pret even states on their website that there are some who would like to convert every fourth Pret into a Veggie Pret. Sounds like the right way to go to me.

Turin – Italy’s first vegan city  

turin-207022_960_720The new mayor of Turin, Chiara Appendino, has pledged to promote vegetarian and vegan diets as a “priority” in her administration. It is the first time the promotion of a plant-based diet has been included among the political objectives of a local government in Italy. Appendino said that the endorsement of meat-free and even dairy-free living was “fundamental to the protection of the environment, health, and the wellbeing of animals.”

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