6 Favourite Vegan Instagram Accounts



Always inspiring and usually very entertaining, these energetic identical twins from Ireland have created a food revolution in their country town of Greystones.  Their veggie food filled cafe looks an absolute delight and their adventures in ‘Pearville’ (their self made manufacturing and recipe testing grounds) are not to be missed.


Brought to you by the wonderful people at The Vegan Kind, this is a great resource for discovering the commonly found supermarket products that just happen to be vegan. Coco Shreddies, Walkers Marmite crisps and CoFresh Caramel Peanuts are some of my latest discoveries.




Something a little different, Karissa Bowers shares her cruelty free fashion finds in super cute outfit posts as well as delicious and colourful looking gluten free foods.



A little bit of a cheat but this account created by @Brusselsvegan showcases the dairy free cream of the crop of vegan instagram accounts giving some great recipe ideas and wonderful food photography inspiration.



Never failing to make me laugh, Richard of Vegan Side Kick has a clever and witty way with words and every cartoon is relatable and manages to get to the heart of every argument I’ve ever heard against veganism. It’s vegan activism at it’s humorist best. Pure genius.



Kai Nora’s feed has the most incredible mouth watering photos displaying her own wonderful recipes. With a love for nicecream, pancakes and gorgeous buddha bowls, Kai’s photos never fail to make you hungry.

Do you have any Instagram recommendations?

Thanks for reading.

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