Vegan on a Budget

One argument against veganism that I’ve heard is that it’s expensive. I’m here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth.  So here’s a just a few money saving tips for those of us on a budget.

Buy in Bulk


Probably an obvious one but with your staples like rice, pasta, grains and beans, it’s best to buy these in larger sizes that will last for ages and work out much cheaper in the long run.  Plus you get to display them in fancy storage jars like a proper put together adult. Some Planet Organic stores have a bulk buy section as well as some larger supermarkets offering big sacks of rice etc, but you can also try sites such as  and even Amazon  for some good deals.

Buy own brand products

A lot of own label, non branded products are actually made by some of the bigger name companies, so why pay for the fancy packaging? I love the Tesco value long life soya milk (just 59p). I also like to buy own label tinned vegetables and beans, just as good as their branded counterparts.

Plan ahead


Planning out your meals for the week, writing a list and actually sticking to it will most definitely save you money as long as you don’t go off piste. Try to set some time aside at the weekend, rifle through recipe books for inspiration and then create that list.

Meal prep

I tend to do this on a Sunday for the week ahead, in particular with my lunches.  I also regularly make big batches of my meals and freeze them or keep as left overs for the next day. This definitely comes in handy when I have an evening gym class. I have also been known to cut up my vegetables and place them in zip tight bags to use in the week. Especially great for whipping up a quick weeknight stir fry.

Buy frozen fruit and vegetables


I love freshly bought groceries as much as the next person, but when you’re trying to save money, there’s really nothing like buying frozen fruit and veg. They generally taste much the same and still pack a good nutritional punch as all of the nutrients remain intact.

Buy produce and avoid processed foods


Not only a good idea for your health and the environment, avoiding packaged and processed foods means that you aren’t paying out large amounts on those specialised ‘vegan’ products. Also, keep an eye on the last minute reductions section of your supermarket for produce that is just about to expire but is still good to use.

Thanks for reading.

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