Current Favourites


Some current favourites. Mostly food related but a few non foodie items just to mix it up a little.

TREK bars


From those great guys at Natural Balance. The Cocoa Chaos is my favourite flavour, followed closely by Peanut Power. I buy in bulk because I have been eating these on a daily basis for pretty much 6 months now and am still not bored of them.

Twinings Camomile and Spiced Apple Tea


I’ve been trying to cut down on after dinner treats and this is just about filling the spot. A great calming pre bedtime drink which smells delicious.

Fleetwood Mac Rumours


Just about anyone who knows me, knows that this album is my all time favourite. From start to finish, this is a work of art. Each track is beautiful, moving and meaningful. This is pretty much on heavy rotation in my house.  And if you haven’t see the behind the scenes making of this album, you are missing out.

Listology – Your Life in Lists


I was given this as a birthday present last year and only now getting back into it. As someone who is trying to appreciate the little things and also someone who’s open to a bit of self discovery, it’s the perfect entertaining vehicle. List topics range from the simple,  favourite movies, bands and teachers to the rather deeper,  ways you’ve changed since you were a teen and the things people should remember you for.  Sappy but joyful.

Rude Health Brown Rice Drink


A rediscovered favourite , this milk alternative is naturally sweet, of course dairy free and perfect for Sunday morning Lattes.

Meridian Almond Butter 


This is such a treat and am starting to controversially love this more than it’s Peanut buttery friend. Perfect for smoothies, bagels, overnight oats and my personal favourite – pimped up porridge.

I hope you found this interesting. What are some of your current favourites?

Thanks for reading.

London Vegan Bird.

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