Vegan 101: Dairy


Cows need to be milked, right? So wrong.  Welcome to the first of a series of posts that I’m calling Vegan 101. A beginner’s guide to Veganism if you will, starting and ending with the simple facts of each topic with some handy tips thrown in there for fun. So let’s get started with some FAQs

What is wrong with Dairy? The facts.

  • We are not baby cows – it is not your milk to drink which leads us on to…
  • Baby calves are taken from their mothers – the separation of mother and infant causes anxiety to both. Then the majority of babies are slaughtered for veal.
  • It is not Healthy – studies have linked Dairy to the cause of Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes to name a few. Check out for more info.
  • It is bad for your bones- despite the fact that most of us have been told from birth that milk will make our bones strong, it is actually the opposite that is true.
  • It is full of nasties –  pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.

Don’t cows need to be milked?

Cows only produce milk when they’re pregnant which means that these gorgeous animals are artificially inseminated to ensure they keep lactating and then as we learned above, their baby is taken away so that humans can drink the milk intended for her young.

But Cheese tastes so good…?

Does it though? You may answer yes to this question but did you know that cheese actually contains something called casein which releases opiates called casomorphins and is therefore addictive.  Take this out and it would taste pretty much like it is…gone off milk.


Are there other benefits for seeking plant based alternatives?

Dairy has also been proven to cause skin problems as these products contain growth hormones and inflammatory substances that can clog your pores and cause acne.

What other sources of Calcium are there? 

Count the ways. Green, leafy vegetables, broccoli (my fave), bread, soya beans, nuts, tofu.

Does this mean I can never eat another pizza? 

You could not be more wrong, my friend. Have you ever tried pizza without the cheese? It’s surprisingly delicious (well, surprising for you cheese addicts).  If you do miss the cheese, fear not, there are tons of vegans cheeses to choose from and they are definitely getting better.  Zizzi’s, a UK restaurant chain that can be found on most high streets, now offer a Vegan Mozzarella pizza (see pic).


What are the alternatives?

Even in the relatively short amount of time I have been vegan (3 and a half years), alternative options have increased. Supermarkets are packed full of Plant based milks from Soy and Almond to Brown Rice and Hemp milks.  Vegan cheeses although have received a relatively bad rap in the past are also improving and companies are even offering gourmet versions. Look out for LVB’s Guides to Plant Milk and Vegan Cheese coming soon.

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan 101: Dairy

  1. lexilife says:

    You know what. One day I am going to try being a Vegan. Once i’ve got some more funds under my belt. Why not? It’s only doing more good than the harm people are causing now. I’m a vegetarian at the moment so I feel like the switch may be simpler than from a meat eater to vegan. I do like cheese though. One day! xx

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