Bird’s Eye Review: The Vegan Kind December 15 box

Been a bit slack on The Vegan Kind reviews of late but here is a look at my December box:


1.Harper’s Christmas Candle 

I love this candle and this is now the second one that I have received in The Vegan Kind Box.  Lovely smell that helped me to get into the festive spirit but also takes me nicely into the New Year. 

2. Cocoa Libre Chocolates 

These were delicious.  The exact right ratio of chocolate to mint. Will definitely be ordering again.

3. Nakd Christmas Pud bar

A flavour of Nakd bar that I haven’t yet tried?  That’s an achievement.   This bar contains dates, cashews, raisins and some natural flavourings. I’m not a big fan of Christmas Pudding to be honest, so it wasn’t my favourite flavour but it did have a nice citrus tang and nostalgic Christmas taste!

4. Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Orange and Freedom Marshmallows 


My porridge is already a fan of the original and coconut varieties and this one did not disappoint either.  To be extra decadent, I added a spoonful of cocoa powder in with the almond milk. It also wouldn’t be a vegan hot chocolate without a generous helping of Freedom marshmallows.

5. Sticky Mix Oat and Cranberry Cookie Mix 


Sticky Mix is right as I got in a right ol’ mess when making these but it was totally worth it.  The chocolate variety received in an earlier box went down a treat with my non vegan work pals and these Oat and Cranberry cookies were equally as delicious.

Thanks for reading.

London Vegan Bird

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