Bird’s Eye Review: The Vegan Kind June 15. #TVK20


Sweet snacks, salty snacks, smelly things and things you can squeeze. Here’s my review of #TVK20:

Sweet Freedom Choc Shot Coconut 320g (RRP £3.50)


Following on from the success of the original Choc Shot, Sweet Freedom have launched a coconut version.  Containing very little and almost entirely natural ingredients, this is a great alternative to syrups and sauces.  I drizzled some over porridge which was delicious and also put some on my banana ‘nice’ cream. However, come the cooler months, I will definitely be making a yummy hot chocolate.  @sweetfreedom

Roots Hand Cooked Vegetable Crisps with a Pinch of Sea Salt 50g (RRP £0.90p)

IMG_1759I have to say, I’m really not a fan of vegetable crisps. They’re just a little too salty for my tastes and these, I’m afraid, were no different.  However, if they are your kind of thing, then they’re a healthier alternative to the humble potato so perhaps give them a try. @rootscrisps

Elements for Life Yummy Scrummy 60g (RRP £2.50)


I’m always up for a healthy brownie and this one was pretty good. It was chocolatey and rich meaning that it took me 3 sittings to finish the whole thing (yes, very unlike me). I really liked the Goji berries giving the flavour a nice fruity tang. Free from refined sugar, these sweet treats contain fruits, nuts and raw cacao. @MakeRawChoc

Friendly Soap 95g (RRP £1.99)


This natural handmade soap is pleasantly scented with pure essential oils of Lemongrass and Hemp. It was nice to use, lathered up well and didn’t leave that tight feeling on your skin. So, yes a pretty friendly soap! @friendlysoapltd

Pip and Nut Almond Butter Nut Butter Squeeze Packs 30g (RRP £1.19)


I’ve been hearing a lot about these Nut Butter’s lately and this is the first squeeze pack that I’ve seen in the UK.  Great for portion control as I have been known to polish off a fair few spoonfuls straight from the jar.  Needless to say, this was my favourite product in this month’s box, by far.  I may just be starting to love Almond Butter even more than their peanuty relation! Shock horror!  @pipandnut

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