Bird’s Eye Review: Vegan Life Magazine Jan/Feb issue


If you’re looking for vegan news you can use, mouth watering recipes, thought provoking articles and interviews with key vegan, inspirational figures then you need to check out Vegan Life magazine. Here are a few of my favourite articles from the Jan/Feb issue:

I very excitedly got a vegetable spiraliser for Christmas (well it excited me) and so was happy to spot this recipe for Courgette noodles with marinated mushrooms. I am loving courgetti spaghetti at the moment so will definitely be giving this recipe a whirl.


I also loved seeing the article on one of my favourite veggie restaurants in London – Tibits. It described how the owners, 3 vegetarian brothers, started their business and it was great to see this wonderful establishment getting the high praise it deserves.


I read with interest the feature on benefits of a raw food diet as it is something I have been reading up on lately. Benefits are said to include an increase in energy, a clearer mental state and ridding the body of those pesky toxins. This way of eating really appeals to me as it feels like a more natural way of living. I’m not saying I’m quite there yet, but I have definitely becoming more mindful of adding in more raw foods to my diet.


These are just a few of my favourite articles from the issue but I enjoyed the entire magazine.  Let me know if you’ve subscribed and any thoughts and reactions you had to the articles inside.  For my information, check out their website:

Thanks for reading.

London Vegan Bird.

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