Bird’s Eye Review – Fry’s Vegan ‘meats’


After having discovered this brand at London Veg fest last year, I am happy to see it is more widely available now at Ocado and Holland and Barrett.  I try to stay away from processed foods but sometimes, you need to change it up a little and this meat free range from Fry’s is a great option for those days when only a quick and easy meal will do.

I don’t tend to buy frozen veggie burgers as I virtuously try to make my own but these more meat like offerings are a great option for the BBQ.


Sometimes you want to eat like a 10 year old child, which is where these Meat Free Chicken Style Nuggets come in.  Serve with a shed load of baked beans and some homemade sweet potato fries and you’ve got a meal your childhood self would be proud of.


These Thick Cut ‘Chicken Like’ Chunky strips are great for throwing in Stir Fries and Curries when Tofu just won’t do.


Check out their website for details of their full range.

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3 thoughts on “Bird’s Eye Review – Fry’s Vegan ‘meats’

  1. mrsveg says:

    Your comment about eating like a 10 year old made me laugh, that’s exactly why I buy their nuggets! I love all of Fry’s chicken-style products, it’s proper nostalgia food. My absolute favourite is their curry pies, they’re really satisfying and incredibly spicy, totally unlike any other veggie pie I’ve ever had.

    • londonveganbird says:

      Ooh! They sound yum! We usually have the Linda McCartney ones. Will have to try the Fry’s ones – great for winter with mashed potato and peas. So comforting. 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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