London Vegan Bird Food: Green Teas


For a long time, I hated Green Tea.  I didn’t like the bitter taste at all so steered well clear despite all of the amazing health benefits I kept hearing about.  However, all that changed when I met a Green Tea obsessive who swears by the stuff.  She told me the secret to yummy tasting tea without that bitter taste is to only leave the tea bag in for approximately 1 minute. (max 2).

This little tip has literally changed my Tea Drinking life.  Finally, I can say I have replaced that comforting, homely feeling of an English Breakfast culpa, something, I have not felt since turning vegan as I have not found a non dairy milk alternative that I like in the traditional variety.

So here are my current favourite Green Tea varieties.

Double Dragon Chinese Green Tea –my everyday favourite. So delicious.


Clipper Decaff Green Tea – for my evening post dinner cuppa.


Higher Living Coconut Green Tea – for something a bit special


Twinings Green Tea with Apple and Pear and Twinings Green Tea with Pineapple – If you fancy your tea a little fruity.



I’m always up for trying new teas.  Let me know your favourites or better yet, your picks for London Tea Houses to check out? My next mission!

Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “London Vegan Bird Food: Green Teas

  1. dimshum says:

    If you like green tea, you should try out Japanese matcha green tea, or sencha green tea! Matcha is just the powdered form whereas sencha are tea leaves.

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