Bird’s Eye Review: Vegan snack bars


Although I try to make my own protein bars and vegan snacks because I’m virtuous and frugal like that, I do like to mix it up and try the packaged variety too.  Here are a few I’ve recently tried.

Beond Organic Blueberry Bar – not my favourite flavour, I must admit.  The fruity taste is a little bitter for my sweet tooth but I do like the fact that the ingredients are minimal and clean – just raw dates, almonds, blueberry and agave nectar.


I do, however, much prefer the Beond Organic Raw Choc bar which can be compared to the Nakd bars as it has the same gooey texture.  Made with 100% Organic ingredients – dates, almonds, agave, cacao and raisins and nothing else. Not too sweet, nice and chewy and with a hint of chocolate flavour. Very satisfying.


My favourite of the lot though is the Raw Chocolate Brownie which although doesn’t taste like your traditional gooey calorie-ridden brownie, does indeed taste great.  This is made with almonds and raisins which give a nice texture and flavour alongside the raw cacao.  Lovely with a cup of coffee.


Next are the new bars from Meridian Foods.   You may know them for their delicious nut butters but they have now launched two new snack bars – Almond Butter and Peanut Butter. As with the jar kind, the peanut butter is definitely my favourite of the two but both are yum and really helped to curb my hunger when I was in a bind!  These are also currently Buy One, Get One Half Price at Holland and Barrett!




Let me know your favourite vegan snack and protein bars.  I would love to try them out.

Thanks for reading.

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