Bird’s Eye Review: 10 Acres Crisps


Another fantastic find through The Vegan Kind box, 10 Acres crisps are all Vegan, Gluten free and MSG free.  The brand was created by Manchester father-of-two, Ronen Derber who inadvertently stubbled across his ‘recipe’ whilst frying chips for his family. Frustrated by the lack of kosher flavours in the marketplace, he set out to develop his own.  The result?  A wonderful quirky range of crisps each with their own fun, back story.  Here’s my review:

The Originals – This includes The Secret of Mr Salt , The Amazing Adventures of Salt and Vinegar and The Story of When Cheese Met the Onion.  Can’t go wrong with an old classic.  All great flavours and a nice treat to have a vegan cheese and onion crisp which tastes just like the non-vegan version.


The Spicy – these are The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends, When the Chilli Got Sweet and When Bombay Got Spicy.  These were probably my favourites, with the Sweet and Sour being number one due to it’s pleasingly tangy taste.  The other two also hit the spicy spot.


The Meaty – more unusual for vegan crisps, we have How Chicken Soup Saved the Day and When Hickory Got BBQ’d. Another 2 triumphant flavours that taste like the ‘real’ thing.  I really can’t fault this brand.


Let me know if you have tried 10 Acre crisps and please do be sure to check out their website because it’s super fun.


Thanks for reading.

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