London Vegan Bird Food: Raw Brownie Slices



This recipe could not be more simple, I almost feel guilty calling it a recipe.


1/2 Cup Walnuts

3/4 Cup Dates (pitted)

2 Tbs Almond butter

1/4 Cup Cocoa powder

1 Tbs Protein Powder (optional – I used Pulsin Pea Protein – not shown)



In a food processor, pulse walnuts into a fine powder.

Add the dates until a paste forms, add the almond butter, cocoa and protein powders.

Blend until well mixed. spread mixture on grease proof paper, cut into 2 inch squares, keep at room temperature.


They don’t look too beautiful (well, not when I make them) but they taste clean and delicious.  You also have the option of turning these into protein balls too but I feel like they’re more of a treat in slices. Serve with a lovely hot beverage and enjoy. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

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