Bird’s Eye Interview: Rebel Kitchen

Following on from last week’s post reviewing Rebel Kitchen’s wonderful coconut mylks.  Here is an interview with the Company’s founder, Tamara Arbib to find out more about this fun and inspiring brand:


1. What is the philosophy behind your brand?

We are definitely Rebels with a cause!  Rebel Kitchen is all about championing real food that is nutritious and delicious, and available for all.  The beliefs that feeding your body with good things is fundamental to good health and happiness, and that eating the right nutritional foods is the best form of preventative medicine are at the heart of everything we do.

Rebel Kitchen dairy-free coconut mylks are packed full of ingredients which will make you feel great, with absolutely no junk, preservatives or refined sugar.

There’s a ‘mylk’ for everyone; three varieties in the kids’ range (Choco, Banana and Orange Choc, 99p per 200ml carton) and three varieties in the adults’ range (Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea and Chai, £1.89 per 330ml).

2. Did you begin by specifically targeting children and if so, what is the reason for this?

The reason we launched with kids’ drinks first was to give us the space to stand out. The drinks sector is so noisy and there are so many options at the adult level.

All those we spoke to thought we were nuts. They said no one starts with kids and then moves into adults. And that’s exactly why we knew it was going to work! We are rebellious through and through and why can’t you start with kids? In fact, we should all be focusing on kids health and nutrition because we need to get the right habits in from the very beginning! We wanted to show that it was possible to create a brand that appealed to kids without being prohibitively expensive or with dubious health credentials, and that could grow to be a family brand.

The first drinks we launched in January 2014 were three varieties (Choco, Orange Choc and Banana) created for kids cartons, but grown-ups loved the dinky 200ml cartons too and we heard lots of reports of parents “borrowing” their kids supplies!

We then launched a range for grown-ups in three varieties (Matcha Green Tea, Chai and Chocolate) in June 2014.

3. What inspired the cute and fun packaging?

We wanted to bring the spirit of Rebel Kitchen to life and our kick-ass, cute but tough cartons do this perfectly! We want to be playful and fun, a new club on the street, one where everyone is invited. This is where the biker/gang feel came from. But always playful and not taking ourselves too seriously.

The colours echo the real ingredients inside but retain fun with images inspired by punky tattoos.

4. Coconuts are big at the moment.  Coconut oil, water, milk etc…  Do you see this trend continuing and what do you think will be the next big ‘super food’?

The trend for coconuts will absolutely continue – more people are switching on to the fact that it is a delicious, nutritious and versatile ingredient and are developing a real taste for it!

Coconut is such a super food because it is healthy fat that boosts metabolism whilst giving the body a mega-dose of hydrating potassium, meaning it keeps you running and hydrated all day long.

We think the next big super food will be Matcha Green Tea, which is one of the reasons we developed this variety for our range of drinks for adults. Matcha is one of nature’s most powerful superfoods and is also excellent source of natural caffeine to keep you high with no unnatural lows!


5. I first discovered your product at Bristol Veg Fest, will you be doing any further shows around the country?

We have a fantastic line up of food shows coming up in the next few months which we are very excited about, including London Vegfest 27th-28th September and the BBC Good Food Show at 14th-16th November, all held at London Olympia.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed (@Rebel_Kitchen) to see where we’re heading next, and do come and check us out!


6. On your website, you have teasingly included ‘snacks to come’ – can you give us a sneak preview of what this might include?

At the moment, we are playing around with lots of different ideas in the Rebel Kitchen! Keep an eye out for snack updates on our social media feeds.

7. What is your bestselling product?

Our Choco mylk is our hero product and is well loved by everyone. So much so that this variety is part of both the adults’ and kids’ ranges!

I think people have a certain fondness and nostaligic memories of chocolate milkshakes as a childhood treat, so they love the fact they can enjoy this craving in a really healthy way.

The raw cacao in Rebel Kitchen’s Choco mylk gives a delicious chocolate hit, the date nectar satisfies a sweet tooth with no refined sugar, and the coconut milk is nourishing and filling.


8. You are currently stocked in Whole Foods and more specialist Health Food stores.  Any plans to go into some of the bigger supermarkets?

We are thrilled to say that Waitrose will be stocking three packs of the kids’ Choco and Banana ‘mylk’ in stores nationwide from 7th July! It will be fantastic for people to be add our drinks to their shopping baskets – and with a celebratory 25% off until the 3rd August.

We will also be on Ocado in the next coming weeks.

9. What is Rebel like to work for?

At Rebel Kitchen HQ, we have a small and dynamic all-female team of fun-loving Rebels who work their socks off to make our ‘mylks’ available to all.  It has been a rollercoaster journey to get to this point and every day is different, but we love it!

 10. Any plans to take on the world?

Definitely – we plan to launch in the USA next year. Watch this space!

We firmly believe we are on the brink of the ‘Milk 2.0’ explosion, a profusion of milk alternatives for those proactively choosing a dairy-free lifestyle.

Thank you so much to Tamara and Rebel Kitchen for taking the time to answer my questions.  Have you tried their wonderful mylks yet?  Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

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