The Vegan Kind June Review


Apologies that I am so behind on these reviews.  It has been a very busy month.  June’s The Vegan Kind box brings us snacks, sauces and skincare amongst others.  Here are my thoughts:

InSpiral Raw Chocolately Superfood Bites 60g (RRP £1.39)

I have had these superbites before and for me they fall a little short.  I love the fact I am getting seven vegan protein sources and all the ingredients are super healthy and good for me.  However, the taste is just ok. Kind of a like a dried granola mix, could have done with some more cacao flavouring.  I would say, they also offer a Super Berry flavour and that one is far tastier.  | @inspiralled


Mr Organic Sun Dried Tomato Pesto 130g RRP £2.99

Pesto was my friend at University.  What is more satisfying, quick and delicious than a bowl of pasta with pesto and some roasted veg. But as we all now, they commonly contain that pesky cheese and I have tried out a variety of pestos in my search for the perfect replacement. Made with sun dried tomatoes, this one definitely does the job.  Tangy and tasty, I would definitely re-purchase.  | @mrorganic


Peppy Galore Diva Toner / Refreshing Facial Spray 50ml (RRP £4.95)

This product really appealed to me as the ingredients are just one: Rose Water.  I was slightly sceptical that it would work for me but actually it is super refreshing, smells wonderful and leaves my skin very soft.  | @peppygalore



Sativa Shakes Strawberry and Banana Protein Powder (RRP £2.99)

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you would know that I am a keen runner and fitness enthusiast, so I was probably most excited about this product.   I currently use the Pulsin Pea Protein powder for homemade protein balls for pre and post workouts but have  been looking to try new options. Sativa Shakes contain plant protein and no artificial sweeteners.  Post run, I mixed this in my blender with 200ml of Almond Milk.  It does have a slightly chalky taste like most protein powders I have tried but the pleasing strawberry and banana flavour balances this out.  I have since received further Sativa products for review so look out for that on my blog soon.  | @sativashakes


Ten Acre ‘The Story of when the Cheese met the Onion’ Crisps (RRP £0.85)

Happily, these Ten Acre crisps are gluten, MSG and, of course, dairy free.  I was not really a big fan of Cheese and Onion crisps before turning vegan so I got my boyfriend to try these and he said they were the real deal. Tasted exactly like the real thing but with the smug vegan factor. Their all vegan range also includes such flavours as “When Bombay got Spicy”, “How Chicken Soup Saved the day” and my personal favourite “When Sweet and Sour became friends”.  I will definitely be giving these a go.  Their website is super cute with each product having a story behind it so be sure to check it out.  | @10acre


So yet another great box from The Vegan Kind.  Keep it up guys.  Can’t wait for next month’s.

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