Bird’s Eye Review: Rebel Kitchen


I want to get the rebellious word out.  This is by far my favourite new brand discovery of the year. I love everything about it; from the fun, quirky and eye-catching packaging to the company’s admirable mission to make healthy, nutritious food taste good! Make that, fantastic!

Those rather wonderful people from Rebel Kitchen sent me some samples to try for my Bird’s Eye Review and so here are my thoughts.

Banana Mylk – I was not expecting to like this as I don’t usually like banana milk but my boyfriend and I both loved it. The taste of banana was not too overpowering and the hint of chocolate was actually a surprisingly good combination.


Matcha Green Tea Mylk – tastes like chocolate green tea (no surprise there then!). Quite an unusual taste sensation and a much lighter consistency than the other mylks. It sounds like it wouldn’t work but in actual fact it does, it’s a pretty nice mix of unexpected flavours.


Chai – slight taste of spices but not too intense.  Actually one of my faves. If you like chai tea lattes, you will love this summery option.


Chocolate Mylk – obviously a classic.  Who doesn’t like chocolate milk?  This is a real winner and my boyfriend’s absolute favourite.  Going to try this in an Iced Mocha Latte Nespresso style. Yum.



Orange Choc Mylk – Another great option.  I used to devour Terry’s Chocolate Oranges at Christmas time (pre veganism, of course) and this flavour definitely reminds me of those treats. Creamy with just the right amount of citrus tang.


In delicious conclusion, I loved all of the flavours and these drinks will definitely become part of my weekly consumption.  I want to try a be a bit creative and make some recipes with them too. Flavoured coffees, ice-cream or chai puddings come to mind but let me know if you have any more bright ideas.

Stay tuned for my Bird’s Eye Interview with the Founder of Rebel Kitchen next week.

Thanks for reading.

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