Bird’s Eye Restaurant Review: Le Pain Quotidien

DSC_0851 What I love about this restaurant in particular is the menu indicating all vegan options with a happy little carrot making it super easy to tell what is vegan without the all too familiar rather awkward conversation with the waiter or waitress. Le Pain Quotidien means Daily bread and definitely one of the highlights of this restaurant is it’s freshly baked bread.  IMG_6964My boyfriend and I shared 2 entrees as we couldn’t choose between them;

Avocado Tartine which was absolutely delicious. The avocado is mixed with citrus salt, sprinkled with seeds and served on scrumptious wholewheat bread, this definitely beats anything similar I have tried to concoct at home.   

The Organic Three Hummus Mezze was also a fine choice. The platter consisted of sweet potato, beetroot and chickpea hummus, served with vegetable crudités and some more of that irresistible bread. As you know hummus is a vegan’s best friend as I have to say that they are all equally welcome to a girl’s night in with me very soon.

    IMG_6967I would definitely recommend checking out Le Pain Quotidien  if you have one near by. They use great seasonal ingredients and everything tastes fresh and healthy.   

Let me know your favourite dishes from the menu and if you have tried any of their tempting vegan puddings. 

Thanks for reading.

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