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Just a quick mid week post to let you know that I now have a Facebook Page so please go over and Like/Comment.  I will update photos and content on there more frequently.

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Consider It: Luxury Vegan Chocolate

Who says vegans can’t enjoy delicious chocolate?

When I turned vegan, I thought I would miss the mass produced chocolate bars that you find in every supermarket and corner shop but actually I have just discovered a higher class of cocoa goodness.

Consider It is my latest smug discovery.  They produce handmade chocolates and truffles and all 100% dairy and gluten free as well as vegan friendly. I’m also a sucker for some pretty packaging and Consider It does not disappoint.  Check out this box of luxury, mixed truffles I received for my birthday recently.


Consider It truffles



Every last one of these truffles was absolutely delicious and far superior to any of your run of the mill non vegan offerings. I highly recommend this box for a present or a decadent treat to yourself.

Sea Salt Bar

And the winner of my current favourite chocolate bar is the ganache filled Sea Salt Caramel Bar. Oh my, this is good. I’ve been loving the combo of chocolate and sea salt of late and this has just the perfect proportions.

Just a little tip, if it’s a sunny day and you want to go out for a run, don’t leave your chocolate under the light of the blazing sun. Here is my Consider It Easter Egg before and after it’s sunbathing session.  It still tasted divine though.

Consider It Easter

Let me know if you have checked out this brand before and what you think of it.  I, personally can not wait to try more of their range and hope that they expand their collection very soon.

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The Vegan Kind May Review


Vegan kind May 2014

May brings us sunshine and showers (thought that was supposed to be April) and another Vegan Kind box.  Here is this month’s review. (Apologies for the lateness).

Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps (RRP £1.00)


So delicious.  Why aren’t more crisps made with sweet potatoes?  These were so good. Just t

Sweet Potato crisps

he right level of spice and flavour.  My one complaint is that there wasn’t enough of them.

Wholeplus Hot Pot 70g (RRP £1.80)


I’ve been really into my homemade weekend porridge at the moment so was really happy to receive this little delightful packet.  I received the Vanilla Spice flavour which includes a delicious mix of oats, dates, coconut milk powder, goji berries and maca powder. I made this with Rice coconut milk which made it even more creamy and I have to say I am a definite fan.  I will be ordering some more and trying out the other flavours too.

BIO D Concentrated Non Bio Laundry Liquid Sample

Scoff Sweets Chocolate Fudge 150g (RRP £3.50)

Choc fudge

 Wowee!  One of my favourite products I have received so far from The Vegan Kind.  These creamy delights were a naughty treat. The buttery, chocolate taste was absolutely delicious.  It was hard not to devour these in one sitting.

Dormouse Tea Company Loose Leaf Tea and Tea Bags (RRP £1.60)

Jasmine tea

I absolutely love tea but I’m afraid I am not a fan of Jasmine flavoured teas so this one wasn’t for me. However, would love to see more teas in The Vegan Kind boxes in the future.  I will pass this on to a good home.

Golden Apple Hazelnuts and Peppermint Raw Biscuits 90g (RRP £3.95)

raw biscuits

Let me know what you thought of the May Vegan Kind box, if you have subscribed.

Thanks for reading.

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