Restaurant Review: Vegan Afternoon Tea at Raw

I am English.  Therefore, I love tea.  Well, that is the general rule, of course and in my case, it is most certainly true.  I love the English tradition of Afternoon Tea. Cake, limitless tea and tiny little finger sandwiches, what’s not to love?  And the special occasion of going out for a traditional English Afternoon Tea was something I hadn’t experienced since turning vegan, so I was super impressed when my boyfriend surprised me for my birthday with an all vegan Afternoon tea at Raw at Hotel Suite West.  Didn’t he do well?!


Located in a rather posh looking hotel in Queensway, the restaurant’s ambience was admittedly rather lacking but through no fault of their own as there was only a handful of tables occupied most probably due to the weekday afternoon timing.  We were presented with a very long, extensive menu and were told that we were actually receiving everything on it.  We were in for a (sweet) treat.


The delicious delicate sandwiches were my boyfriend’s favourite part. The variety was impressive, from grilled portobello mushroom with basil pesto, tofu scrambled with guacamole and roasted butternut squash with truffle….. but I loved the homemade scones.  I slathered mine with strawberry jam and whipped coconut cream and devoured them with gusto.

By the time the 3 cakes came out, we were pretty bursting at the seams but of course, we gave it a good go and finished up.  We didn’t want to be rude did we? I liked the mini chocolate cake and the cheesecake but wasn’t overly keen on the passionfruit dessert with its lightly wobbly consistency.


On the whole, I would definitely recommend Raw at a reasonable £15 per person, I was very impressed.  I’m keen to go back to try the lunch or dinner menu.  Let me know if any of you have been.

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