The Vegan Kind April Review

Another month, another Vegan Kind box and this one is a goodie.  They just keep getting better.  Here’s my review of this month’s products. IMG_6503 Rebel Kitchen Choco Mylk 200ml (RRP £1) IMG_6504 Probably my favourite item of the month. I discovered this little gem at Veg Fest in Brighton last month and so was pleased to get another chance to try it.  Since then, I have noticed Whole Foods have started to stock Rebel Kitchen products so this will definitely be a repeat purchase.  Guilt free chocolate milk; sweet, light and delicious. Not just for kids.  Love the fun packaging too. Coconom Coconut Sugar 250g (RRP £3.25) IMG_6508 I am having rather a coconut moment at present and so was pretty chuffed to see this exciting packet in my box.  Coconut sugar (made from the flowers of the coconut tree, natch) is a completely unprocessed, natural sugar and so I am looking forward to trying this in some healthy baking recipes. First stop will be these incredible Almond Butter and Jam Sandwich cookies from My New Roots. Freya Luna Lip and Body balm 10g (RRP £3.50) IMG_6506 Now constantly on the lookout for vegan skincare products as I am still transitioning into vegan non food related items too, I was happy to find out about Freya Luna’s range.  Their products are natural, handmade and contain no nasty chemicals.  This balm smells lovely and made my lips super soft.  Again, the packaging is wonderful.  Checking out their website, I see that there is an option to order a ‘Pick N Mix’ selection box of skincare products so I may just well be tempted. Clearspring Sushi Nori 17g (RRP £3.39) IMG_6509 I love the fact that The Vegan Kind Boxes usually include something I would not normally think to buy myself to push me outside my shopping basket comfort zone.  This month, it is Toasted Fine Cut Nori which is a sea vegetable. Something I have never cooked with before.  I may try to make my own sushi or even a yummy vegetable wrap. I like the look of this recipe from This Rawsome Vegan Life blog. Creative Nature Sublime Seed Bar 38g (RRP £1) IMG_6507 Another box, another snack bar but I don’t get bored of trying new kinds and this one by Creative Nature was a great surprise.  Much tastier than it sounds, this Sublime Seed Protein bar contains hemp powder, roasted peanuts, sunflower seeds, dates and sultanas. Really delicious and a great option to have before or after a work out.  I will definitely be checking out the rest of the range which is happily now available in Holland Barrett. Landgarten Organic Dark Chocolate Soya Snack 85g (RRP £1.99) IMG_6505 The Landgarten Chocolate Covered Pumpkin seeds from the January Vegan Kind box are still one of my favourite snack discoveries from this year and I have repeat purchased these a few times since.  These soya beans covered in dark Belgium chocolate are also pretty great although the pumpkin seeds remain my outright winner.  The website is currently offering 10% off though so I would urge you to give this brand a go. And that’s my April review of The Vegan Kind box, another wonderful offering from this fabulous company.  I would love to know if you have subscribed and your favourite product so far. Thanks for reading. London Vegan Bird Follow me on Twitter @londonveganbird Follow me on Instagram: London Vegan Bird


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