The Vegan Kind March Review

The March box of The Vegan Kind subscription is again full of goodies. A real mixed ‘bag’ of the useful and surprising. Here’s what it contained:


Green Frog Natural Washing Up Liquid 500ml (RRP £1.69)

I have not tried this yet but I love the packaging, so it looks cute next to my sink. This product contains essential oils to keep your hands soft (multi-purpose!) , is made from natural ingredients and has a lovely light lemon scent.



Saf Express Raw Coconut Cookies (RRP £4.29)

I was particularly excited about these cookies, especially as I am on a bit of a coconut kick at the moment.  To start with they are a little jaw breaking as you bite into them which I wasn’t expecting but then once I got my chops around them and started chewing, the taste was great. 


On the Pulse Hot Chicks chickpeas (RRP £1.00)

Addictive!!  A great alternative to nuts, these roasted chickpeas had a mildly spicy taste and an addictive personality.  Will most certainly be purchasing more of these. 



Pulsin Raw Choc Brownie (RRP £1.91)

Not my first time trying this snack bar and I have to say I am a big fan of the Pulsin range.  Can’t say this would satisfy a brownie craving but it was still pretty yummy.  My favourite of this range though is the Vanilla Chocolate Chip which tastes like a naughty treat (the best kind).I absolutely love these bars and they have fast become a regular pre and post gym protein boost.



Flavour Magic Harrisa Powder (RRP £3.00)

I indeed tried this spice mix when making sweet potato fries as suggested by the included recipe for Lentil burgers which you can also see my recreation of below.  Great tasting burgers and the sweet potatoes were absolutely delicious.  Hope to find some more creative ways to use this handy spice mix too.  Any suggestions? 



So in conclusion, The Vegan Kind continues to smash my expectations and I can not wait to receive my new box every month.

Thanks for reading.

London Vegan Bird

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