Restaurant Review: Tibits, Heddon Street

At the beginning of the year, I posted about the top Vegetarian restaurants in London that I wanted to visit and Tibits was on the list. Having not visited my before, I actually ended up going twice in one week.  The first time, I got a take-away and the second, my boyfriend and I ate in. A mixture of hot and cold dishes, you can choose from a buffet style ‘food boat’.

Tibits Takeway

Tibits Take-away

The restaurant has a lovely interior and a really great atmosphere and the staff are wonderfully friendly.  Everything on offer is clearly marked with all dietary notes so it’s really easy to tell if the dish is vegan or not and the majority are. Happy days. I can truly say that everything I tried (and I really did pile my dish up high both times, for research purposes of course) from the seasoned veg, mixed salads, couscous and AMAZING pasta was absolutely delicious.   I also love the added ‘salad sprinkles’ of nuts and seeds which you don’t usually get at other ‘help yourself’ food places.

Tibits also has regular ‘Vegan Days’ where everything offered is Vegan. The next one is 8th April so I shall see you there!

Eating in

Eating in


The only down side to Tibits, for me, is the price as you pay by weight and you can easily get a little carried away. but I guess you really do get what you pay for as everything is so tasty.

Dame Vivienne Westwood also recently filmed her Peta Pro-Vegetarian video at Tibits so if it’s good enough for the Dame, it’s good enough for me.  Tibits is now officially my favourite vegetarian restaurant in London. I will be back, as often as my bank balance will allow.

Thanks for reading.

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