San Francisco Adventures Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of my San Francisco trip with more fab restaurants and some other pics of SF thrown in for fun.

Herbivore – Another place that we only visited for Brunch but they offer a huge menu with everything on it being vegan. Yippee. I ordered the Trail Mix pancakes with a Strawberry Banana Smoothie. I am a huge pancake fan and these were really delicious and the smoothie also really hit the spot.  My bf was a big fan of his vegan BLT sandwich, made with Tempeh and we both fell in love with his Coconut Bliss milkshake which was a slightly naughty breakfast treat.

Tillie Gort’s Organic Cafe – venturing outside San Francisco on a little road trip, we were recommended this restaurant by a taxi driver and it actually turned out to be one of my favourite places for its simplicity and home cooked meal feel.   I have since tried to recreate my All In One Plate, at home but have not quite nailed it. It consisted of brown rice, black beans, steam veg and chipotle seitan, topped off with a delicious lemon tahini sauce. My boyfriend had  a Lebanese style plate with humous and refried beans.

El Cantaro – Also in Monterey, we visited this laid back Vegan mexican for lunch the next day and oh my, we were not expecting the huge portions and great quality of the food here.  We shared a towering plate of nachos which we highly recommend and were so full, we saved our delicious burritos for dinner that night.

David’s Tea  – taking a little detour from dinners here, I discovered the best Tea store I have ever encountered. The stores shelves are filled with large tumblers of a variety of green, white and black teas and upon arrival I was offered a free sample of their daily special, Cherry Blossom tea which is Coconut, Dried Cherries and Rose buds. It was wonderous and I promptly bought a bag to take home with me as well as a my very London Vegan birdesque mug shown below. On another trip to Davids Tea, I discovered an even more delicious smelling tea; Forever Nuts which I was told was one of their most popular teas and on tasting, I can see why.  How I wish they did worldwide shipping.

Pepple’s Organic Donuts  – continuing on from Part 1 of my SF blog post, Pepple’s Donuts can also be found in the Ferry Building. This all vegan donut stall had quite a few flavours and I opted for the Salted Caramel variety (is anyone else loving this flavour combo at the moment?) . It was a taste sensation!

And to finish, I thought I would show you some random pictures of this beautiful city and our trip.  I really love San Francisco, the neighbourhoods to explore, the friendly people, the incredible views and of course, the wonderful vegan food.  You can choose to be a healthy vegan or a very unhealthy vegan in San Francisco but it’s great to have that choice especially on holiday.. Let me know if you’ve been to any of these places in either this or my previous post and what you thought.

Thanks for reading.

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