Pancake Day Vegan style

In honour of pancake day tomorrow in the UK, I wanted to share some of my favourite vegan pancake recipes. I have to say, I do favour the big fluffy American style but this pancake day, I am going for a more traditional sweet crepe variety.  Nevertheless, here are a few recipe suggestions for both, whatever the mood fancies.

The British One – The Everyday Veggie has veganised the traditional British pancake recipe and it could not be simpler. For the true English style pancake, stick with sugar and lemon and prepare to replace dinner with dessert.


The Classic American One – After searching for a vegan version of Tone It Up’s protein pancakes, I came across these gluten free Banana Protein Pancakes from and made them at the weekend. I was really impressed, especially as there is no sugar in them so makes this a particularly healthy choice. I used Pulsin Pea Protein powder and added some agave nectar and berries for a bit of sweetness. Anyone have any recommendations for vegan protein powders? I would love to try a vanilla or chocolate one.

Protein pancakes

Protein pancakes

The Quick One – For a quick option, my boyfriend usually uses this recipe when he cooks my Sunday morning pancakes. This does include sugar, so is  a slightly naughtier option.  He usually adds blueberries to the batter or sometimes dark chocolate chips for an extra treat.


The Peanut Butter One – This is the recipe I will be trying out on Tuesday as, well, any excuse to eat peanut butter and I  love the idea of the PB/banana combo.  However, I may substitute the gabanzo bean (chickpea flour) with plain or wholemeal flour depending what I have around. Sounds delish!

Peanut butter banana crepe

The Chocolate One – For something a little special, these Chocolate Brownie pancakes are both gluten and sugar free making these virtually a health food. This recipe seems super easy to make and they look rather wonderful too. You should be able to get millet flour from Amazon, Whole Foods, Planet Organic or other health food stores.

Choc pancakes

For more inspiration, if you’re on Pinterest, check out this vegan pancake page full of inspiring and delicious looking pancakes..  Prepare to feel very hungry.

Happy Pancake day everyone.

Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “Pancake Day Vegan style

  1. flavourphotos says:

    Whoohooo, more vegan pancakes! I’ve just posted a couple of my favourites as well 🙂 Just love ’em!!
    You’ve got some great suggestions here… I like the sound of adding millet flour as it’s so nutritious. Thanks for sharing your favourites.

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for including my Chocolate Brownie Pancakes! Pancake Day sounds like such a fun holiday. Maybe we should celebrate it every day! 🙂

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