Favourite Fitness Youtubers

I probably spend way too much time on Youtube. Hey, its the voice of a generation, right? I’m always looking for new inspiration and motivation for Fitness, Health and Working Out.  These are a few of my favourite Youtube channels that do just that.

Carly Rowena – Carly has an infectious way about her and her love for health and fitness really shines through in her videos. She has recently qualified as a Personal Trainer and I only have admiration for those who turn their passion into their career. Great fitness videos and general advice as well as  some more quirky topics handled firmly with her tongue in her cheek.

Tone It Up – I’ve already expressed my love for these Tone It Up Girls who have also made Fitness their lives. Excellent motivating and engaging fitness videos all carried out with a smile on their lip glossed, gorgeous faces. They also have their own TV show on Bravo that just aired, doncha know?

BreeLovesBeauty – With wisdom beyond her years, Cambria’s channel is a joy to watch.  She is dedicated to working on a healthy body and mind and has loads of ideas to achieve this. From recipe videos, to healthy food hauls to general inspiration, all achieved with a bright and breezy positive manner in the California sunshine.

Sarah Fit – actually friends with the Tone It Up girls, Sarah’s channel covers everything from ‘What I Eat in A Day’ , grocery hauls, workout tips, fitness gadgets and tons more. Again, I love that she allows herself treats and is realistic about her goals and other peoples. Another lovely and inspiring youtuber.

Healthy Happy Life. Gemma has such a charming, sweet manner about her and I love that she admits when she is having her off days too. Great vegetarian recipe ideas and quick and easy tips. Be sure to check out Gemma’s website as well where she has recently been posting her food diary. I’m so nosy, I love it. http://www.gemsmaquillage.com/

Let me know if you have any more suggestions of Youtubers I should check out. I would love to know.

Thanks for Reading.

London Vegan Bird

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