Ch-Ch-Cha-Changing Up My Fitness Routine

I am as guilty as the rest of us of for falling into a fitness routine, or as some may call it slump. I get comfortable with what I’m doing and then stick at it…for months on end. However, as most likely everyone knows, to achieve the best results, you should change up your routine at least every 3-4 weeks.

Workout Gear selfie

Workout Gear selfie

I tend to work out at least 4 times per week. This usually consists of about 2 gym work outs that goes as follows:

– Approx 40 mins of cardio, usually treadmill running

– Free weights, concentrating on arm work (mostly those bingo wings)

– 20 Press ups (10 normal, 10 girly ones)

– Sit ups/Crunches

And 2 Body Combat classes at my gym. I absolutely love Body Combat. For those of you that don’t know, this is basically martial art routines to some banging (and not so banging) tunes.

Body Combat - this is unfortunately, not me.

Body Combat – this is unfortunately, not me.

2013 was the year that I discovered my love for Running outdoors. However, this was all well and good when I was running on a beautiful, warm, picturesque beach in sunny Florida. The reality of chilly, muddy North London, brought me right back down to earth and I only managed to go on another 5 or so runs and my butt was back in the air conditioned comfort of my local gym.

New Nikes

New Nikes


So, my plans for 2014? In a nutshell; more variety. I want to try new things, push myself and get out of my comfort zone – something I’m really not great at doing.

Dancing – I have danced since I was 3 years old. Everything from Ballet and Jazz to Hip Hop and Zumba but over the last few years I have lost by way a bit. It’s a huge passion of mine so I’m going to get back on it.

Classes – I want to try new classes. Dare I say Spin? Eeek, a word that has filled me with dread over the years and I always brushed it off as not for me. 2014 is the year, I should at least try one class, right? Besides the instructors are HOT!

Yoga – this is something I have dabbled with for about 14 years and when I go, I love it. I just need to find the right class for me and keep going.

Running – Again, I tend to get to a distance or time I’m comfortable with and stick at it but this year, I want to improve my time and run further than I have before. Enter some new lovely running gear please.

Gym – I need to push myself more, set goals for myself and add more variety to my routine. I’ve already started this by adding more weights and mat exercises such as squats and lunges and I’m enjoying it.

Lastly, I can’t talk about fitness without mentioning the Tone It Up Girls. I am just slightly obsessed right now. These two gorgeous girls are trained fitness experts and their multimillion dollar empire began with uploading exercise routines onto Youtube. They now have a huge community of woman all with the same goal to love and take care of their bodies. You can sign up for freeΒ weekly workouts, recipes & motivation or you can purchase lifetime membership which includes a nutrition plan (they even have a vegan one) and lots of other extra content. At the moment, I am taking advance of all of the free content and checking out their multiple youtube fitness videos. Let me know if any of you have signed up for the plan and what you think of it.

Tone It Up Girls - Karena and Katrina

Tone It Up Girls – Karena and Katrina

Look out for more Fitness blog posts as I am change up my routine this year. Would love to hear any about any classes or routines you love.

Thanks for reading.

London Vegan Bird x

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11 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Cha-Changing Up My Fitness Routine

  1. flavourphotos says:

    OMG, I’m following a blog by a really fitness-conscious lady. I feel such a cheat πŸ˜‰ I used to love Body Pump though.
    My kind metabolism has allowed me to do food writing and photography (which includes plenty of eating!) without a great need for weight-loss exercise. Dancing is the height of my commitment at the moment, but reading your post has made me feel inspired. Watch this space (but please not too closely)…

    • londonveganbird says:

      Haha. I do like my fitness but have been off sick all week so have the ‘away from the gym’ guilts. It’s pathetic. Ha. I tried Body Pump once but am a bit of a weakling and got intimated by all of the weights. Need to try it again though. I love your blog posts and your pictures are fantastic. I’m thinking of buying a proper ‘grown up’ camera. What would you recommend in the reasonable price bracket? πŸ™‚ x Good luck with your fitness goals. x

      • flavourphotos says:

        I’m a bit of a Nikon girl but there are lots of great cameras on the market and the prices have definitely come down. I spotted a photo on a blog recently that looked stunning and I was convinced it was taken with a DSLR. Turns out it was a digital compact… just goes to show.
        I would pop into a shop to get a proper feel for a camera. Have fun choosing πŸ™‚

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