5 More Veggie Eateries

In my last blog post, I mentioned 5 Vegetarian restaurants that I really want to visit this year. These were perhaps the more obvious ones that have achieved accolades and fame within the veggie community.  Today, I thought I would talk about 5 more restaurants that are not as well known but that I am still interested to try out (and of course, review for you guys).

Tibits – on Heddon Street uses fresh, seasonal ingredients and offers a large variety of vegetarian soups, salads and hot dishes which changes frequently.  I love the idea of the monthly ‘Vegan days’ on which all of their hot dishes are vegan. Yippee! Looking forward to a lunchtime trip here to brighten up my work day.




Itadaki Zen – a Japanese Vegan restaurant who believe that food is medicine, not only linked to health of the body but also of the mind. As well as boasting delicious and nutritious food, this unique restaurant also holds workshops, exhibitions and live music. I am eager to try one of the set menus to experiment with new ingredients I’ve never eaten before. Konbu seaweed anyone?

Itadaki Zen
Itadaki Zen


Rainforest Creations – With food stalls in Chelsea, Hammersmith and Old Spitalfields and Alexander Palace farmers markets , Rainforest Creations specialises in Carribean, raw, tropical and organic delights.  This, to me, sounds like a perfect Sunday activity of market browsing and new yummy food discoveries. The menu looks like a super healthy offering of mixed salads and wraps as well as some vegan sweet treats.

Rainforest Creations

Rainforest Creations


The Gallery Cafe – Another eatery that isn’t just about the food, The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green holds a program of live events and exhibitions. However, it’s the food we want to hear about and this Vegan & Vegetarian cafe is becoming known for their Full English Breakfast which includes tofu scramble, which I am still yet to try (I know! I know!) and their vegan cheese pizzas are fresh to order so now I just need to decide whether to go for breakfast or dinner?!

The Gallery Cafe

The Gallery Cafe


Black Cat Cafe, Hackney – 100% Vegan, this Not-For-Profit cafe and shop opened in December in replacement of Pogo cafe and so far I can only find very good reviews. It appears that they have a daily changing menu that leans heavily on the healthier side of comfort food. Apparently £10 will get you a drink, main and dessert so this is definitely one for the post-Christmas pay check.

Black Cat Cafe

Black Cat Cafe


Let me know if any of you have been to these restaurants as I would love to hear your thoughts and also if you have any more recommendations for me?

Thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “5 More Veggie Eateries

  1. greatveganexpectations says:

    I can’t emphasise enough how much I love Gallery Café – go as soon as you can, at any time of day. I normally go around 2-3pm for a late lunch and stay long enough to justify an afternoon cake and coffee 😉

    Itadaki Zen is great, but being a very (VERY) small and quiet place, with lots of bordering-on-preachy information on the various health properties of their ingredients, I would choose your company and occasion wisely.

    Black Cat is also on my list of places to try out, and I’d never heard of Rainforest Creations but they sound right up my street! Looking forward to hearing your feedback x

    • londonveganbird says:

      Thank you so much for the comment and advice. I’m really excited about Gallery Cafe. I will go soon and might take in the Museum of Childhood as I hear it’s nearby. Interesting to hear about the Itadaki Zen. I’m not a big fan of the preachy stuff so thanks for the warning. 😉 I will be posting as soon as I visit. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on the other restaurants if you manage to check them out. Have a great day.

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