Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants to visit in 2014

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I have lived in London for almost 10 years now and I am ashamed to say that I have yet to explore what London’s has to offer in the form of the best vegetarian restaurants. This may be due to the fact that for the majority of this time, I was still a struggling twenty-something living on a fashion industry wage but I have decided that this is the year I will make my way through this much heralded list.

222 Veggie Vegan

My boyfriend and I actually received vouchers for 222 Veggie Vegan for Christmas so we are very excited to check this one out. All dishes are made to order and they pride themselves on using fresh and natural ingredients so this sounds like a healthy treat too good to miss.

222 Veggie Vegan

222 Veggie Vegan


Another Kensington based restaurant, SAF located on the first floor of Whole Foods (yet another excuse to go),  stands for Simply Authentic Food and offers a very exciting fully vegan menu. Can’t wait for this one.


Vanilla Black

Now switching things up a little for some more fancier fare , Vanilla Black has won several accolades, including being named the ‘best vegetarian restaurant in the country’ by The Independent. One for a special occasion.

Vanilla Black

Vanilla Black

The Gate

I plan to visit the Islington branch, the younger sister of the original Hammersmith restaurant. I’m looking forward to checking out the culturally diverse menu.

The Gate, Islington

The Gate, Islington


Firstly, I am intrigued by the hot pink store front and secondly my boyfriend loves Indian food so this is the perfect place to take him on his birthday, coming up in March. After emailing the restaurant, I was told that they offer vegan options in the Stoke Newington branch so this is the one I will be going to.



I would love to hear your opinions on any of these eateries if you’ve been, as well as some order recommendations.

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants to visit in 2014

  1. Dree says:

    SAF has closed, unfortunately.
    However, I can’t recommend The Gate enough. It’s so good.
    Vanilla Black is a true experience. It’s unlike any other veg restaurant I’ve ever been to, but you might want to phone ahead if you’re looking for vegan food.
    My favourite though has to be the tiny Bonnington Café, a cooperatively run veg restaurant in Vauxhall.

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