Vegan Travel Snacks

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas. Mine was low key and family oriented which was the perfect antidote to my crazy busy December.

As a follow up to my previous post, I thought I would share some vegan snack ideas that are great to take with you when travelling.  It’s always  good to stock up the suitcase with some vegan friendly bites in case you don’t know where you’re next meal is coming from. Ha!

Here’s what I took to Amsterdam a few weeks ago.

Nuts – Almonds and Brazil Nuts – I love the Organic variety from Planet Organic. Perfect for that 4 o’ clock hunger slump.
AlmondsBrazil nuts

Protein and Snack bars – now, I may do a separate post of my favourite snack bars as these are a pretty much daily necessity for me. These were the ones that went with me:

Even when you're not trekking.

Even when you’re not trekking.

Better than a Chocolate Orange

Better than a Chocolate Orange

Mmmm Peanut Butter - the best kind.

Mmmm Peanut Butter – the best kind.

Biscuits/cookies- now I do try to keep these to an occasional treat but I justify these by the fact I need some comforting snacks on my work trip. I took some Bourbons (one of those ‘who knew they were vegan?’ biscuits). Tip – these are great dipped in green tea. And I may have splurged in Whole Foods on some of Lucy’s Maple Bliss cookies. Beyond delicious!



Thanks Lucy!

Thanks Lucy!

(Non Dairy) Milk – a great tip if you are in need of your daily coffee fix (like me) is to take these small cartons of non dairy milk. Most hotels have a fridge which is particularly handy.  As it was, Amsterdam has a plethora of coffee shops (no, not those kind of “coffee shops”) that offered soya milk but these are a great idea for when you are stuck.

Mini (vegan) Milks
Mini (vegan) Milks

Tea, tea and more tea – I have become more than a little obsessed with green tea of late and couldn’t bare to be without my favourite kind on this trip. After a manic 14 hour day, it was the perfect relaxing fix. I am currently loving Double Dragon Organic Green Tea from Holland and Barrett.

Tea please

Tea please

Let me know what your favourite snacks and drinks are to take away with you. I’m away again in January so would love to hear some more ideas.

Have a fantastic festive period.

London Vegan Bird. x

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7 thoughts on “Vegan Travel Snacks

  1. Julie says:

    I think Biscoff cookies are vegan, right? I’m always happy if I find them here in the US. Love your suggestion on the little cartons of non dairy milk. I’ve tried packets of powdered soy creamer, but sadly was not happy with them. The ideal would be little cartons that don’t need refrigeration until opened…will have to look!

    • londonveganbird says:

      Hi Julie. I don’t actually think we have Biscoff cookies in the UK but I will certainly look out for them on my next trip Stateside. 🙂 Yes, the mini milk cartoons are a great idea, I think i got these ones in Whole Foods but I know my local supermarket does them too.

      • Julie says:

        If you ever fly on Delta, they serve Biscoff cookies/biscuits on flights. I’ve seen them in one or two stores too. I always thought they were a British thing. They appear to be vegan from the ingredient list. Guess I made the British part up!

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