New Product Alert: Nakd Bits

Always up for trying new snacks, I stumbled across the newest offering from the Natural Balance Foods company.  They of the famous TREK bars as well as the Nakd bars that you have probably seen just about everywhere. They are made with just raw fruit and nuts making them a great healthy, vegan alternative to those sugary cereal bars.

I love the Nakd bars – favourite flavours being the Strawberry Crunch, Berry Delight and slightly more adventurous Rhubarb and Custard, as they are perfect for a mid afternoon pick me up or pre-gym stomach filler so was excited to try these new Nakd Bits.

Box in the post

Box in the post

I happily discovered that the Natural Balance Foods website are currently offering Sampler Bits for the bargain price of £6.39 which includes Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Orange and Berry Delight. The box arrived extremely promptly (I think within a few days) and was surprised to see that they had also thrown in a few freebies as an added bonus.  Don’t you love it when companies go the extra mile to delight their customers?!

Box of Goodies

Box of Goodies

Close up - ooh!

Close up – ooh!

So as well as my original order, they had thrown in a Nakd Berry Cherry Oat bar and Nakd Crazy Cola raisins which that hark back to those gummy sweets of our childhood.

So, the verdict?  If you like the Nakd bars, you will definitely like these new Nakd Bits as they do taste exactly the same. However, the bite size pieces make these extra moorish and you are a stronger person than me if you can just stop at one handful.  They all have a distinct flavour and I love the combination of chocolate with the tang of the fruit.

Cocoa Orange Bits

Cocoa Orange Bits

These are the perfect snack for taking to the cinema or a bit of mindless eating lounging in front of the telly. I would strongly recommend checking out their website as they often seem to have tempting offers to sample their newest products.

Let me know if you’ve tried these and what your fave flavours are.

Thanks for reading.

London Vegan Bird


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