Cakes n Treats, Camden

Now, I will be posting about more than just cake on this blog, but I seem to be visiting a lot of great vegan cafes at the moment and who doesn’t like cake??

I found out about Cakes n Treats when my boyfriend and I visited Vegfest, London last month.  We were drawn to the extremely awesome gothic wedding cake that was on display and were happy to discover that a new cafe was opening up not far from us, in Camden.

Cakes n Treats

Cakes n Treats

Peanut Butter Cake

Peanut Butter Cake

Pistachio Cream Cake

Pistachio Cream Cake

'Cheese' Burgers and Coconut Cream Coffee

‘Cheese’ Burgers and Coconut Cream Coffee

Cakes n Treats also specialises in made to order cakes but this delightful cafe is more than just desserts. A good selection of sandwiches and a plethora of faux meat options can also be found here and craving some ‘not quite junk food’, we both ordered a ‘Cheese’ burger.  Also to my caffeine craving pleasure, there was an extensive hot drink menu and I happily trialled a Coconut Cream Coffee which was a triumph.

Of course, we weren’t still hungry, but who could resist the case of mouthwatering treats at the front of the shop? My boyfriend had a slice of the Pistachio cake and I, of course can never resist anything with peanut butter so had the wonderful Peanut Butter cake. Wow. Both were gorgeous and huge portions so I took mine home for seconds later that day. Always a bonus.

I will definitely be back to this gem of a place and can’t wait to sample more of the unique menu.

Here’s the Facebook page for Cakes n Treats.  Let me know, if you have visited. Would love to hear your thoughts.


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